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    Can anyone tell me why the touchpad app will not send emails? Excellent wifi connection, emails just will not be sent.
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    Try deleting the current email account by clicking on the upper left of the email app, then go to preferences & accounts and install the account again, make sure that spelling, etc is correct. You didn't mention, are you receiving mail? If you are, this probably won't work, but it's worth a try.
    Good luck.
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    Not an expert, but did the outgoing mail server info get entered correctly?
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    Oh I think its only the problem of that apps. Dont you have any other apps for sending mails?? else use direct gmail or yahoo and send mails. all the best.
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    Hiya - I have the same query - my yahoo account receives emails ok and sometimes just doesn't send them - they end up in the 'out' folder and wont actually go!

    Also happened on my Pre 3 out of the blue the other day - both with good wifi connections . . . .

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