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    I searched the forum and must have missed this. Is there a way to make folders with multiple apps inside? I've got 5 pages of apps...thanks,
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    Good question. I'd love to know that myself.
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    It would be most useful. Might require an OS update to implement however.
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    If you install the preware Linux Application for extra launcher tabs (Add Launcher Tabs) you get two more tabs (Games, Homebrew) for a total of 6. I divided my apps up between them.
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    This was a WebOS 2 feature, I have NO idea why they removed it for WebOS 3. Maybe they thought just type solves all issues? The problem is if you have lots of apps, you may not even know the name of the app you want, you may just want to browse your games and pick one...

    As others have pointed out, there is a patch to add a few, or you can manually change the files to add more.
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