So, in one of the busiest weeks if my life (uni kicking my ***), the touchpad I got for my mother died. She was always telling me how much she loved it so now I feel like crap.

Basically, she hadn't turned it off since she got it in September, it was always sleeping. Today I "taught" her how to turn it off... Sadly, it doesn't turn back on. (If there's any way to fix this, I would appreciate... but I hooked it to the wall and pushing power + tab for a while doesn't seem to work)

Anyway, so in the eyes of an old person, I "killed" her latest toy which she liked a lot. She can't be mad at me cause I got it for her, but yeah - I'll still have to give her mine now because I really do feel terrible.

Anyway enough with the horribly-sleep-deprived rambles. I need to get RMA going on this thing. Unfortunately, it was bought through a friend in the US - meaning that to get service, I might have to send it to him, pay for him to ship to HP, pay for HP to ship back to him and him back to me. That's 4-way-shipping, which just might end up costing $50-60 - pretty much half this damned device.

Is there any way HP Canada would handle this issue? I'm asking here because at the same time I'm figuring maybe someone's got a good way to fix this.... but I'm not counting on it, there's only so many buttons you can push simultaneously...