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    Hi everyone, I have been trying to figure out how to post a photo on someone's wall or my own wall on facebook on the touchpad. When you click on Add photo/video, there is a button that says choose file. I click on that and nothing happens. When I click on choose file on my computer, a box pops up for me to find the photo on my computer. How does this work on the touchpad? Can you post a photo to someone's wall on the facebook app? I didn't see a way, so I'm trying to do it on the facebook website on the touchpad and the choose file button does not work. Any suggestions?
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    It works for me. Try doing a device restart.
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    I have been trying since I got my touchpad so I figured it did not work on this device or I was doing something wrong.
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    What version of Facebook Tablet do you have? Mine is 2.0.35

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