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    I currently have a 32gb unit, and have a 64gb one on the way. How do I go about transferring all the information from one to the other?

    Do paid apps transfer with the webOS account? How do I get the save data for my apps transfered?

    Specific apps:

    Angry Birds HD and Angry Birds Rio HD
    Browser bookmarks

    Also, how do I go about getting it back to factory settings? I have preware installed, along with a few patches.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    When you boot up the new 64gb TP it will ask you to create or use a HP Profile.. just put in the profile from the 32gb and poof it'll install all your programs you purchased. Any preware or tweaks you have done will NOT be transferred

    Factory reset is as easy as doctoring your TP and it's done.
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    Save/Restore in Preware will back up your game saves and other things to the usb partition. From there you copy the into to the new tablet's usb partition and run save/restore again
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    With save/restore, do I have the option to save/restore specific items?

    Say, if I want to restore only the save info of apps I actually use?

    What is "Doctoring" my TP? How do I go about doing that?

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    download and run webosdoctor,it is a palm app,so you can find it.Connect your tp to your pc,and run the prg.
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    I have a similar question. I have a 16gb with a 32gb on the way.

    I will be giving my 16gb to my sister. Is there an easy way to remove my specific info, but still leave the TP with the most recent update, Preware, and any other tweaks installed? Could I just go through and manually remove all of my accounts?

    Or am I going to have to wipe it and then start all over once her profile is loaded?
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    CyberPhunk & wbdillworth,
    I'm moving to a Touchpad 4G and was just looking for the same info. Here's what I found:

    You DO NOT need to use WebOSDoctor to cleanup your device if you are selling it or transferring it to someone else. HP has already given you an App with several erase options:

    Quote Originally Posted by RESTARTING & RESETTING YOUR DEVICE
    [Restarting and resetting your device]

    Before erasing and resetting your device, back up your HP webOS Account data. See Using Backup .

    Back up the data stored on your deviceís USB drive. See Using USB drive mode to transfer files to your device .

    Go to the launcher's SETTINGS tab.

    Open Device Info .

    Tap Reset Options.

    Do one of the following:
    Tap Erase Apps & Data twice to delete all personal information, such as events, contacts, and tasks, as well as applications you have added. (This option does not affect the USB drive.)

    Tap Erase USB Drive twice to erase everything stored on the USB drive (photos, videos, music, documents, ringtones, and so on). After erasing the USB drive, you do not have to re-log in to your HP webOS Account.

    Tap Full Erase twice to erase all personal info, apps, and everything stored on the USB drive (photos, videos, music, documents, ringtones, and so on).

    Tap Secure Full Erase twice to overwrite and then erase everything deleted by a full erase. Use this option if you plan to give your device to someone whom you donít want to have access to your data.

    To restore HP webOS Account data after erasing apps and data, the USB drive, or a full erase, follow the onscreen prompts to enter the HP webOS Account email address and password. DO NOT create a new HP webOS Account.

    This restores personal information like contacts, calendar events, and tasks, as well as apps installed through HP webOS App Catalog. Sync account info (Google and/or Exchange) is also restored to the device.

    Note When you sign in to your HP webOS Account after a partial or full erase or when setting up a replacement device, youíre prompted to enter the password for each online account. If you skip this step, you receive an Incorrect Password alert the next time the account tries to sync. Tap the alert to display the Change Login Settings screen, where you can enter the password to enable syncing again. You can also open a sync account and navigate to this screen at any time: (Calendar/Contacts/Email) > application menu > Preferences & Accounts. Tap the account name, and then enter the username and password.
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