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    Hey all, I recently purchased a Touchpad on eBay and am getting an error when trying to create a new WebOS account. I'm guessing that the previous owner wiped the Touchpad to defaults before he shipped it to me (if that matters). I do not think this is a demo unit, which is what I found when attempting to search for a solution. Does anyone have an idea why I cannot complete the registration? I've tried restarting the Touchpad/account creation and even tried changing some account details to no avail.

    EDIT: Fixed
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    I had the same problem tonight with my wife's new TP 3.0.0. So I Doctored it to 3.0.2, and it signed in/registered logged in just fine.
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    I had similar issue last week. Doctor did not fix but removing space between first name and last name on registration form did. Not in webOS KB. Give it a try
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