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    Using my Shure SE530, I can tell the difference between the beats audio vs my iphone with the EQ settings listening to the same mp3 file or with Pandora. The beats audio is slightly better.

    Is it significant? For most people, no, but for the audiophile yes.

    Would I buy something because of the beats audio, definitely no. Am I happy the touchpad has it, yes!
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    The internal wiring of the 'Beats' Audio set-up is grounded in such a way as to cut all OTHER interference hum, buzz and distortion, I believe.

    TP sound ROCKS!

    Be very excellent to have some additional manual EQ control though..

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    I have a pair of Beats SoloHD headphones and a pair of in ear Shure buds... I prefer the Beats headphones sound. You can play the music at less volume and hear more precision in the different instruments. At least thats my experience with it. The Shure buds are louder, the Beats have a bit more bass but seems better rounded sound where one level of sound isn't overpowering the other.
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    Any decent set of earphones will compare much better than a cheaper set on the TP, but, its the overall quality of the sound, even without headphones, that is superior to any tablet device in the market today.

    And, the Pre 3... as well!

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