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    Still looking for some answers to this problem. I have tried literally everything possible to get Preware to start up on my Touchpad running WebOS 3.0.2. This is a brand new 16GB unit obtained in the latest HP fire sale. Everything seems to work great *except* Preware. No problems installing it, but it simply will NOT go beyond the "Checking Device Type" spin-circle. I have WiFi on *and* connected. It is NOT getting to the point where it is even checking for feeds. I think this could be an issue with Preware and the TP with 3.0.2 - apparently there is a known bug on where the OS version, Device Type, and Device Model display incorrectly on the NotifyLink User Statistics page (says "Palm"). Here is the URL for the known TP issues with the 3.0.2 version:

    Known issues with HP TouchPad - Powered by Kayako Fusion Help Desk Software

    Is there anyway to get Preware to bypass this step, or fix the device type info? Has anyone else managed to get Preware working on a Touchpad with 3.0.2?

    Previous thread:
    I'm a newbie TP owner and successfully installed Preware using oswqi, but I get the eternally rotating circle stating that it is "Checking device type". Reboots and reinstalls don't help (even did preware self-install but same issue afterwards). I am amiss to know why it hangs. I haven't seen any threads about this issue so does anyone have ideas or answers?

    Response from Bluenote:
    open up wifi and check to make sure you are logged into a network, click done for settings and see if a network has a checkmark next to it.
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    I have a 32gb, updated to 3.0.2. I have preware installed and it's running with no problem. A call to HP might be your best solution. You could also reset to original and try again. I've only had to call HP once, and they were helpful and knew what they were talking about.
    Good luck!
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    OK - as a point of reference, I managed to get Preware working by doing a full erase on my Touchpad and then letting the unit restore from my WebOS account. At that point I needed to reinstall Preware (first thing) using WOSQI, and everything now seems to be working. It was a bit of pain since I needed to add all of my email/app credentials again, but not too bad. I'm not sure why the TP was behaving badly to begin with, but Preware seems to be running fine now.

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