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    Hi all! I am new to forums and to WebOS. I am a software developer and I have developed apps for windows and the web. I have wanted a tablet for a long time but I don't like apple products. So the TP was perfect for me!

    What I want to know is, in your guys opinion, where should you store your data on the TP? What folder is best? Should I create a subfolder in a specific folder for music or pictures? Are there any folders I should never mess with? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks and nice to meet you all! I look forward to developing on my TP!
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    put music in a folder called "music". And basically use folders as they work best for you.
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    Ok I wasn't sure if there were rules to where I should place things or not. So if I create a folder called Administrator and a bunch of subfolders I could essentially use it like my pc folders. Cool. Thanks for the info.

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