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    I had nothing better to do this morning, so I decided to take the car to the dealer for a
    routine oil/filter change. It's only $23, which is cheaper than Jiff-Lube, so I prefer to
    use a dealer's service dept.(plus they have better snacks such as Krispy Kreme and
    Haagen-Daz ice cream bars for free) The service advisor talked me into spending
    an extra $11 for Mobil 1 synthetic oil(not bad, considering my card required 8.2 quarts
    of engine oil), so I signed the invoice, agreeing to the $34 final bill. She said it would take about an hour... fine by me.

    I grabbed the Touchpad out of my trunk and headed to the customer lounge.

    Fast forward 4 and half hours. I had no clue that so many hours had gone by. The
    service advisor came over and told me my car was done. She apologized because they
    had a ton of walk-in customers due to the holiday. She knocked $10 off my bill for
    my time... I paid and left.

    I have never used the Touchpad nonstop for such a long time... 4.5 hours... it's like
    a mini time machine. (or more like a time-killing machine )
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    Pray tell, what did you do?
    No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced
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    Where can I get one?
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    don't forget to include 4.5 hours of your time into the "cost" of that oil change.

    that's time you can't get back.
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    Which dealership? What brand?
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    I'm more interested in why you decided to go synthetic (was it full synthetic or a synthetic blend?).
    If you car calls for a 5w30 oil...... give it 5w30 oil, there's no need to go synthetic if your car's manual doesn't ask for it. Waste of money. You're just blowing money, even if it's was only 11 more, there's absolutely ZERO benefit in your case and you'll just switch back to conventional next time.

    Just a heads up .

    glad you enjoyed the TP though. What did you do with it?
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    what has every man done with his internet enabled device when hes bored? i remember back when i had a 14.4k modem it was hard to do but the anticipation made it seem better.

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