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    You could also call this the 'Tablet-Friendly Websites' thread as well. The reason I'm putting it in the HP TouchPad forum is because the app selection for the TP is... well, face it... meh.

    (But I love my TP a lot)

    Anyway, as we all know a lot of websites are fully functional on the TP, and some are not. The ones that do work aren't usually made with a tablet (touch) interface in mind. That's going to change, and I have a feeling more companies are going to find it's cheaper to develop a touch-friendly website rather than pay to have an app created for each platform out there (especially when you consider all the flavors of Android out there).

    I personally don't have a ton of websites to list at the moment, but I was hoping we could have a community effort to showcase sites that are visually appealing and work well within the TP's default browser.

    The first site I thought was pretty nice for music is Online Radio - Earbits - commercial-free music discovery - it has a very clean UI and seems to stream well on the TP.

    Anyway, this can be for any type of site - entertainment, productivity, communication, games, and so on.



    Here's a list of links that have been provided in the thread so far, sorta categorized...

    Online Radio - Earbits - commercial-free music discovery


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    How about Pandora...have you seen
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    Comedy Central and Crackle work well for me. There are many more, but these two come to mind now.
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    Wow, thanks for the links =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by chicle View Post
    Comedy Central and Crackle work well for me. There are many more, but these two come to mind now.
    yeah and work really well.
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    I'm curious more about sites that are designed specifically for tablets,like gmail tablet interface..

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    Incredible links! Work like a gem. I am getting to love my TP despite having so many lesser apps than Apple or Android. The sharing has been so incredible. Thank you, keep these URL coming. They fit so nicely into the 9.7" screen!!!!!
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    Unfortunately Pandora and are not available outside the USA. Sad!
  9. #9 works well for me. It has Hulu content which plays - no fix needed. Yaay!

    Someone (mrmojorizin) posted this earlier. It seems that if you're running 3.0.3 you might need a file that you can get by doing a search on xterm. I'm on 3.0.2 and did not need it.

    The videos stream fine, but commercials are blocked. Ad Blocker works! :-)
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    Paste Magazine (you might remember this one being on the shelves in Borders stores) has gone into an online-only format. A subscription is $2.99 a month, and you get the typical content you would get with the magazine, including a sampler of songs. Their platform is called mPlayer, and it's very tablet-friendly. I like that it's browser based.

    You can visit their site and get a sample of how the magazine works. They cookie you, so it will get locked down after you've had a chance to look around.

    Paste Magazine :: The Best New Music, Movies, TV, Games, and Books :: Music and Movie News, Reviews, Features, Videos, MP3s and More
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    Here's a webpage of links I bookmarked and saved to my launcher, just updated with some of the links from this thread: video - tpbyhp

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