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    Is there a way to "log-Off" your Yahoo email & facebook accounts, with out going in each time and just removing them? Basically not having them "auto Log in"? Or a way to at least log out?
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    I don't know about Facebook, but if you're signing in to your yahoo on the web, don't select 'keep me signed in'. Log out (you'll find that on top of page), you'll have to put in your pw, etc to get in again.
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    Hi yep understand that way- I guess I just can't use the "mail app" if it is going to leave you logged in the whole time the TP is on. Was hoping there was a way to log off of that.
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    you can switch both to manual. Then it will only connect when you sync manually.
    app menu - settings and accounts in Facebook
    app menu - settings and accounts - type on each account for mail

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