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    I left one of our TouchPads charging last night in the Touchstones and I woke up this morning to find it dead as a door nail. It was about half charged when I started. It was not in a case or anything, just the TouchPad itself. Yes, I have Exhibition Mode turned on.

    This is the first time I had tried to charge it in the Touchstone. Before, I had always charged it via USB and the wall plug.

    Any ideas? Thanks.
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    did you make sure that it was oriented correctly and actually charging before you left it?
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    so did exhibition mode come on automatically when you placed it on the touchstone?

    my suggestion if it didn't would be to check the alignment on the touchpad like ^^^ suggested. also, the part when you plug into the wall has a piece that can be swapped out for foreign wall adapters. make sure it is set properly.
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    Yes it was centered. No - Exhibition Mode did not automatically start when I placed it in the Touchstone. The charger works properly on my TouchPad.
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    in my experience it happened when the device is not centred properly, it takes less than an inch to the right or left for it not to charge.
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    Happened to me once. Thing was pretty warm, I wasn't too happy. Ever since, I have been more careful to make sure it's in the correct orientation and centered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allowingtoo View Post
    Yes it was centered. No - Exhibition Mode did not automatically start when I placed it in the Touchstone. The charger works properly on my TouchPad.
    Was speakers down? Home button down?
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    I didn't charge it again in the Touchstone - but I placed it again on there. The Clock came on - the charging indicator came on. I had placed it in the upright position (originally) with the USB port in the bottom of the Touchstone.

    He took it with him out of town and might use it in the Touchstone as a clock overnight so we shall see if it does it again. I sent along the USB wall plug just in case it does.

    Without it being in a case - it shouldn't be that "touchy" about it being centered. It wasn't like it was half on - half off the Touchstone. It was MOL in the center of the Touchstone when this happened in the first place. I'm one of those people that when a picture is a 1/4" or less off center on the wall it will just bug the crap out of me until it is straightened. That's only bad it it's not my wall So I'm pretty sure the TouchPad was almost in the center when this happened.
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    Soemthing which you may occasionally notice is that putting the Touchpad on the Touchstone causes it to keep repeating the charging notification with the noise. I'm not sure whether it is actually charging properly or not as the noise alone is annoying enough. If that ever happens then just reboot the Touchpad. Its some software bug from what I can tell as it will work fine after the reboot even if you've not moved the Touchpad or done anything with the Touchstone.

    Just in case anybody else reads this thread, the Touchpad only charges on the Touchstone in two specific orientations and it has to be centered properly. The home button has to be either at the bottom or on the right. Home button on the top or the left won't work at all.

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