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    This has been talked about before in the Pre smartphone forum, but I did not know because I don't have a Pre.. so I thought I would share my experience.

    I have 2 touchpads here, 1 is mine. When I initially got it, I was using the other, but I switched because of the screen. Before I switched I had been playing with kernels and patches, and ran a full erase on the device before handing it over.. thinking it was going back to stock..

    Last night, after it was decided to put preware back on the device that isn't mine, one of the first things I put on was govnah, and noticed that's strange.. it's not running at the stock speed.. tried to install a kernel on top, and it wouldn't let me.. had to install the palm default kernel before I could switch to another. Checked out a patch or two.. some warned me that they were already installed.

    So, the only "true" way to revert a device to stock is to use the webosdoctor.. doing a "full erase" will still leave the custom kernel and any patches on the device behind. Keep this in mind if you are wanting to erase all your changes that you need to do more than "full erase".
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    You could also load Preware and run EPR (Emergency Patch Recovery), to remove all patches.
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    A full erase is not supposed to remove patches or kernels. It does what it says it will do. It is your responsibility to remove them before doing a full erase. If you are not able to remove them then a visit to the doctor will help.
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    in my case my daughters friend did a full erase on mine by pressing power, vol+, home. I hadn't even realized that was possible. All the app store apps reloaded (even ones I didn't particularly want back hah). I had to reload preware with WebOSQuickInstaller. Then I, best I can recall, ran emergency reconstruction utility, may have removed any themes, don't recall, emergency patch installer, emergency patch recovery, installed palm kernel, then reinstalled uberkernel and all preware patches & apps that I really wanted back. As stated above, full erase states it will erase all user installed applications, settings, data including all files stored on the USB drive to include photos. This is what happened in my case including the ipkg status file. uberkernel was still there but the state info wasn't so had to go back to the palm kernel before I could update it. It was a PITA but seems to be working again now.
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    after full erase, you should run the doctor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    after full erase, you should run the doctor.
    I didn't know any better but seem to have recovered without that. Maybe next time, which I hope never happens.
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    No wonder! I picked up a 16gb on CL from a young man that knew all about preware and all. I assumed he had done it all. Anyway it was obvious he did full erase because the TP acted like out of the box but i was messing with it (a gift for a friends kid , like a nephew to me) and i was doing the preware and the same prompts werent coming up and when I went ot overclock it wouldnt let me put on 1.5, so i googled and read to put in stock kernel then the 1.5. Well i had no idea why so im assuming the above happened.

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