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    I've been trying to remove the Ubuntu ext3fs partition for a few hours now with no success. I first ran WebOS doctor and then used the directions here (gadgetXplorer: #webOS: How to remove EXT3FS partition) after WebOS doctor finished.

    I successfully went through with the tutorial and then rebooted my Touchpad. To my surprise, the Linux penguin was still there and the amount of free space I had did not change! I then ran WebOS doctor again and the result was the same.

    Does anyone know how to fully remove the Ubuntu partition and any traces of Ubuntu chroot?
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    try umount not unmount
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    Quote Originally Posted by cme4oil View Post
    try umount not unmount
    Thanks! I managed to get through the guide, but when I reboot my Touchpad the amount of free space does not's still at 10.6 GB, and I don't have any music or videos on my Touchpad (16GB).

    Also, after I did everything in the guide, I still see the Linux penguin when I reboot my Touchpad. Do you know what I need to do to actually fully remove the partition?
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    I posted this in page 34 of this thread... hope the info here works for you too.

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