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    Does anyone know of work arounds for the TouchPad when "FREE" WiFi is not available ?

    With the exception on a few rare coffee shops the availability of "FREE" WiFi is decreasing. Does anyone know of a adapter to connect the touch to a good old hard cable?

    I have seen hard line jacks at several hotels and coffee shops that do not have WiFi at all.

    I do not want to drag an access point and try to configure it every time I want to use my TouchPad.

    Any ideas ?
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    I don't think there's an option to plug in an Ethernet cable right now. The only hope might be a USB converter but that's a long shot at this point. While "FREE" WiFi might be decreasing, outside of a few hotels, where are you going to find "FREE" wired access where there isn't "FREE" WiFi? I've never seen a coffee shop with only wired access myself. But at any rate, I think the best answer -today- is a small portable access point like my WTR54GS which is no longer made or something like the ASUS WL-330gE which regularly goes on sale at Newegg. Not much to carry around and really don't see why it would typically need to be reconfigured after initial setup.
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    the only thing I can think of is tethering to your phone and using your phones data plan. I do that regularly at work where theres no wifi available. of course, its not exactly "free" when you're paying for the phone. I have unlimited through sprint, and have not been charged any extra.
    I haven't seen it decreasing in my city, if anything, I've seen more and more places have free wifi or at least you're able to access their network due to no security on that network.
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    There are a number of "Travel Wireless Routers", some more portable than others. I have never used one but have considered buying the Zoom 4506 Travel Router w/Wireless-N, this unit has the ability to run on built-in batteries.
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