View Poll Results: How many hours can a Touchpad with full battery run at 100-percent brightness?

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    How many hours can a Touchpad with full battery run at 100-percent brightness?
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    depends what it is doing. Streaming video over the wifi radio, probably 4 to 6 hours.
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    Need your retinas?

    I can't imagine running 100% for anything, I rarely run over TEN %.
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    I don't know why you need 100% brightness but on a long weekend of flying, my wife and I got about 6 hours out of the Touchpad with movies.
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    I used it for about 13 hours one day last week, albeit at about 30% brightness for most of that.
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    IIRC I tested my TP and got about 7 hours out of it running at full brightness watching movies with AIRPLANE mode ON.
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    I don't believe these figures are that realistic.. 4 hours is probably more like it for most people. It's only a 5000 mAh battery for the most part. Full brightness with wifi playing video or whatever will use probably at least -1000 mAh..

    There's a worst case scenario where everything is maxed out, and a best case scenario where it isn't.

    Tip: to save some battery, you could do what Apple did (and what I did on my macbook before it broke) on the ipad, which is disable flash in the browser preferences. Flash is a hungry hungry power hog and makes a huge difference in the # of hours a battery can last if you're using the browser a lot.
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    Many fewer hours than at a reasonable level of brightness. Brightness is a large user of power, but the radios and kernal also use significant but varying amounts of power depending on what they are doing.
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    I don't know about others but I do seem to need 100% brightness on movies and a few games, otherwise brightness is generally very low. This does make movie watching on a TouchPad rather limited

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