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    Hi everyone,
    Just received my new HP TPad. Attempted to set up a new account with my email account and got the following error:

    "Device date incorrect"

    Clicked on "yahoo" mail.

    What guidance might you have?
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    instead of selecting yahoo mail, choose the generic email account type.
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    I have an SBC account also. As cantaffordit suggests above, don't use the Yahoo settings as the SBC account won't be recognized. The standard (generic) account worked to get mine up and running.
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    Mine worked also w the generic type

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    Hi everyone,
    The generic email set up did work.
    Thank you.

    Now on to the outlook/exhange sync.
    Larry C
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    I had the same issue, but I went into my touchPad settings and found my clock was off by 10min with network time on. I turned it off and reset the time. Yahoo Mail then worked.
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    I set up a friends TP the other day and had an issue with sbcglobal. We ended up using yahoo and it worked fine.
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    I had the same experience as zigzag6 using 2 Verizon/Yahoo accounts, resolved by turning off internet time in the "Date & Time" settings, and updating the tablet to the correct time.

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