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    Hopefully this is a simple thing that I'm just missing. I searched but couldn't find any relevant threads.

    After running web doctor, I went to Software Manager to restore all my applications. They all show up and download, turning blue. The apps all have a little blue circle above their icon, which I think indicates they are installing, but no progress is ever made. They just sit there. It is a number of applications (25), but I've let it sit here for an hour and nothing has installed. I rebooted, tried again and hung at the same place.

    Is there something I'm missing to get all my apps back?
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    reboot, let it sit for a few hours with a good wifi signal.

    as an alternative, you can pause those of less importance so the important ones don't wait in line.

    if you have the audobon book and/or big games, they can take a while...

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