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    I read a lot a post regarding my small problem these days and didn't find any information on how to fix it.
    Lets try here

    Ok, I am using a HP Touchpad 32Go (Android fan for years, I am impressed with this WebOs even if it is not perfect).
    I transferred my MP3 from my PC to the device using simple USB connection Drag&Drop.
    All my songs are correctly tagged. I used Mp3tag to to that.
    My folder tree is organised like this : Music/ArtistName/AlbumName/Songs.
    There is no hidden images files coming from WMP or elsewhere in these folders. All Songs within a folder have the same art image.
    All the images art from these MP3 are correctly shown using Winamp on my PC or the music player on my Android phone...

    My problem appears when I use the default music player on the Touchpad : the album art is correctly shown when I play a song in full screen, but the album art is not visible when I browse all my album.
    The strange thing is that these albums arts appeared for several seconds the first time I launched the app (just after finishing the download from PC to Touchpad) and suddenly disappeared few minutes after.

    Is it a bug ? Is there any available patch or did I made mistake when I copied my songs from my PC to the Touchpad ?
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