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    Would a Male Micro USB to Female USB or SD card adapter let us read off of USB Drives/SD Cards? Here's an example of one:

    Also haven't found any Micro USB > SD Adapters, but there are a few USB > SD ones out there (Look for SanDisk Micromate) that can maybe be combined with the above to read data off of SD cards?

    via Internalz or otherwise.
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    lol Ya, I was just reading through topics when I found my answered. I searched it a different way

    So it is possible, but you need an outside power source.
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    yep. just a cable wont work unfortunately.
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    Just for clarity, that adapter will not work because in order to set the TouchPad's MicroUSB port into "Host" mode (Also known as OTG Mode), the plug needs to have pins 4 & 5 bridged.

    In Host mode, most devices have +5V showing on Pin 1 but this is not enabled on the TouchPad. (I believe that it can also be enabled by software because this has been done on the Nokia N810 which uses the MicroUSB A/B port.)

    The workaround on the TouchPad is to provide the +5V externally to the MicroUSB Plug. I have observed that in order for the TouchPad USB Port to function in Host mode, the +5V MUST be present on the plug at the time of insertion. But, ymmv....
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    fyi I've got a bunch of connectors coming in soonish (from hong kong) to make some custom cables for the touchpads. Will prob have enough to make like 20 or so. They'll have a microsd for touchpad connection, female A for device connection and either a microsd or male A for power. The point of the microsd for power is to connect to some of those little 'cell phone' charger battery packs. The Energizer 600 and 1000 both use a microsd to send power out. They're about the size of a credit card and weight less then 1.5oz. So very handy to carry around to power USB thumb drives, etc for touchpad use.


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