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    Bought a brand new HP Touchpad 32GB from QVC arrived Sept. 15 immediately on bootup noticed top left portion of the screen (landscape mode) is unresponsive and did the sensor test and just as I thought those sensors were dead. Contacted HP immediately and sent back the Touchpad for repair.

    Touchpad comes back Sept. 30. Open up package and same exact problem. It's like they didn't even look at it and sent it back to me in the same condition still sensors on top left portion of screen are not working.

    Contacted HP same day Sept. 30 and this time did the advanced exchange option where they send me a new unit out right away next day air but put a $365 hold on my credit card. Well the funds from my credit card have been on hold since Sept. 30 and it is now Oct. 7 and HP has still not sent out the device. Contacted HP twice since and both times they say they having "technical difficulties" with their repair department and have no idea when they will send me the device. Really? How hard is it to send out a replacement that is fully functional already. Asked why advanced exchange is taking so long and was given the excuse "this is company policy".

    Worst experience ever on any product bought. Basically wasted my money on a black piece of shiny plastic.
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    you could dispute the credit card charges.
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    yes, it seems the repair facility doesn't know what they are doing. even if you leave a note on the thing they still only do what they want.

    they fixed the cracked shell on mine but didn't fix the screen which was having light bleeding but they did manage to make the problem worse so the screen would flex with moderate pressure so it would have nice artifacts from the pressure lol

    There's several threads about the same stuff. . . think many have been merged into one thread hidden away on the general forums lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    you could dispute the credit card charges.
    You realize that disputes are "frowned upon" by the all-powerful gods of credit (/banks) ... You will hear about a dispute for years after the fact...

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    I have similar experience. I have a accessory replacement order for my veer placed 3 weeks ago. I have contacted them several times during this period and the answers I got were always it's already been shipped you will receive it the next 2-3 days. But I never got it. And the explanations were always the same which is like yours :"technical difficulties".

    I don't know what's going on on their repair department but it's might not be a good idea to send back to repair now unless it has to be.
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    I would definitely dispute the charge. If they can't fix it they don't get to keep your money. You've acted in good faith, the credit card company doesn't care, they will just take it out of HP's hide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dontot View Post
    ...they send me a new unit out right away next day air but put a $365 hold on my credit card.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    you could dispute the credit card charges.
    Quote Originally Posted by teamw23 View Post
    I would definitely dispute the charge.
    Hold != Charge
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    i dont understand the point in topics like this. none of us work for hp. and as far as i know this site is not affiliated with hp in any manner. its like walking up to a bunch of strangers and ranting about stuff. so what exactly can anyone do here? nothing.
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    pretty sure its been posted many times that hp is simply out of replacements at the moment.
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    @ccx the point of threads like these is the OP has an issue with HP. There's a possibility that someone else out there has had a similar experience and they might have some helpful information. Remember that people usually turn to forums when they are looking for information and/or have an issue. While this isn't a 'sanctioned' support site by HP, you will get far greater help and usually a lot quicker here, than by calling HP tech support. I've spent hours on the phone with them before in the past, and have gotten nowhere.

    @hypertech if you don't like someone's comments, you have the options of explaining it to them (note they said "I don't understand..." , ignoring it, or reporting it. That is do not have the right to tell them "...don't post on this forum anymore."
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