Tried to search but probably not searching for the right thing.

Anyway, my Dad and I both have a TB and they were on the same account. Yesterday he tried to create a new account for his touchpad. After making that change (not real sure how) his wouldn't connect to the HP server to verify that it was registered and it changed my account to his email. Then he went to the HP website and could log in under his email address but mine was no longer an account. He took his touchpad off that account at which point the touchpad told him, he needed to restart the touchpad.

During restart it deleted all old apps including preware and any tweaks that I had installed on his TP but it looks like at least some of the tweaks are still working. For instance the ripple effect is still gone.

My question is, should I just leave it alone as it seems to be running fine or should I load preware on to it? If I load preware will it show the tweaks that I have installed or should I try to install the tweaks again? I was using the 1.5 kernal so I am a little worried about not having control over that.

So again everything is fine but I would like to get preware back on the thing. Just worried that it might cause problems down the road. He doesn't really need the tweaks so if it is better to leave it alone, that is probably what I will do.