View Poll Results: Which HP Touchpad Do You Have?

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  • 16 GB

    57 23.65%
  • 32 GB

    163 67.63%
  • 64 GB

    18 7.47%
  • Haven't Found One Yet!

    3 1.24%
  • Not Buying An HP Touchpad!

    0 0%
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  1. Geffen's Avatar
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    Since the HP Touchpad has been on a selling surge as of late with everyone trying to find one these days, I have a 32GB Touchpad just wondered what everyone else has?
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    32 want 64 but not that price

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    glad I got the 32GB because I really need the extra space to store my kids movies
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    I have the 32gb version. Love it
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    16GB. It's not exactly easy to transfer stuff to it so no need for 32GB
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    32 GB. I've already used 16 GBs on I don't even know what.... glad I got the extra space. xD

    (Also I still can't believe I have a tablet. Never thought I'd spend 170 on one. Still in aftershock lol).
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    32. I actually wanted a 16... since I really have no use for a tablet. I just bought it for s**ts and giggles.
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    Got the 32GB because based on history no matter how much storage you get on {fill in the blank}, it's never enough, and non-expandable as far as I know. Haven't run out YET but I haven't had it long and what with Ubuntu, Android, etc all requiring space I'm sure that it will be well used.
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    I have 32GB TouchPad, with I have plenty of storage.
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    Got a 32gb at BB 'cause that was all they said they had (though a minute before they said the didn't have any at all!)... traded it for a 16gb via CL (plus 50 clams).
  12. Redflea's Avatar
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    Trading 16GB + $50 for 32GB. Happy.
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    I have both 16 and 32, but would love to get the white one!
  14. miata's Avatar
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    One 16 and two 32s. Didn't vote.
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    32 here
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    64GB here and I love it!
  17. TimBoch's Avatar
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    Had a 32 from Amazon, returned it for full refund before buying 2 32s and 1 16 from Best Buy the next day.
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  18. skyscanr's Avatar
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    bought a 16 and won a 32 in a contest last month
  19. HansTWN's Avatar
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    I have a 64 and a 32 for my wife. Couldn't vote since only one choice is allowed.
  20. OleSalt's Avatar
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    32 Gb, best of all it was FREE! Won it from HP through a sweepstakes they had in a become a "Be a Touchpad Pro" training program. Took 2 Months to get here but have it now and love it! Just wish I still had my Pre- to sync with it....
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