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    I have been using DVDfab to transfer my DVD's to the Touchpad with their default settings. I go in chose IPAD and uncheck the subtitles and hit start. The movies kinda look crappy. They are very pixelly. I am using the native viewer.

    Could some of you that have had success with DVDfab give me some help. Should I be uping the resolution that ends up being defaulted? Also what about 2 pass? I'm not really sure if that should be on 1 or 2 pass. 1 is the default.

    Thanks guys
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    I have used that to convert a couple movies myself. I also select iPad and set the resolution to 1024 x whatever and they look fine (not pixelated at all). The 2 pass is supposed to make it look better but I think it also takes twice as long.
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    I have used the free DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip the DVD first and then used Handbrake to convert the ripped file to HP Touchpad *.mp4 file.

    There is a post for the presets for Handbrake in this forum. Here is the link:

    This works perfect for the TouchPad and the quality of the movies are awesome.

    The above link also has discussions for using DVDFab.
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    I have ripped a couple of DVDs to IPAD with DVDFab and they looked fine on my TouchPad, I do not remember what settings I used. My entire movie collection was ripped with DVDFab to VOB, processed thru VideoRedo Quick Stream Fix and then converted to MP4 with WinFF for viewing on my TiVo thru StreamBaby. I have completed converting those to M4V for our TouchPads by running them thru DVDFab Video Converter to IPAD format. I have not seen any problems with quality.
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