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    My TouchPad doesn't make daily automated backups (anymore). It used to do that fine, but since some weeks it doesn't work anymore..
    I already adjusted the automated backup setting to 'Off', deleted the backup, manually made a new backup and then switched back to 'On', but no results..
    Anybody knows why?
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    is it connected to wifi all night? Do you leave it on?
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    Is your wifi connection enabled during the times the backup is scheduled?
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    I've seen this on webOS 1.4.5 with Verizon Pre Plus. The only fix was the doctor...
    I frankly didn't understand why the doc would have any effect and the doctor I did was for another problem - and it sure as heck fixed it. Weird.
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    The backup is scheduled around 3am. The Wifi stays on all the time. I put the TouchPad in the Touchstone each night. Only action is to switch off Time, so the clock isn't visible all night... But that wouldn't turn off the Wifi?
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    How do you know when your backup is scheduled? It's always different times for different devices for us. Just checked my Pre2, every time I can recall checking, my devices has updated over night... Pre2 updated at noon yesterday.
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    Still no automated backups made here.. I get similar stories from other TouchPad owners in the Netherlands... I have a feeling these backups were made by HP employees who were laid off by Leo the Terrible, so nobody takes care of it now anymore...?
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    I just checked my tp, it hadn't backed up since 10/6/11. I checked my Pre 1 and it has still auto updated. Thanks for the tip!
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    So I have never understood the auto-backup problems. My Pre+ auto-backedup for the first couple of months and never again, no matter what. My TP has never auto-backedup. This made me think that there is something about my profile. Then we got a TP for mom and started a profile for her. It auto-backedup fine for awhile and then just stopped. The other day I went to back it up and it had already backed itself up and seems fine again. Now today my TP has backed itself up before I did, for the very first time.
    I have Touchstones and consistent WiFi. I have no idea why it does or doesn't work. Since I have to manually run Save/Restore, I don't care if I also have to run Backup. It all just seems very random to me.
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    Was poking around yesterday and saw that mine hadn't backed up since the 29th of September, and mine also stays on all night with consistent wi-fi, its even in the same room as the router....hmmm....
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    I've the same problem, my TP not backing up for days/weeks. I hope I don't have to doctor it again to get this working.
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    Mine had this problem, doctor fixed it for only a day or two. I came across an old pre thread that had mentioned to turn backup off, reboot, and then turn backup back on. Tried that and it has been working ever since.
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    Possibly the reason that Backup stops running is that nothing has changed in your Account, since the Backup is only backing up account information. Just a thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    How do you know when your backup is scheduled? It's always different times for different devices for us. Just checked my Pre2, every time I can recall checking, my devices has updated over night... Pre2 updated at noon yesterday.
    you know from the last time your backup ran(default seems to be sometime in the wee hours of the morning) , and every 24hrs from then on. you can change the schedule by doing a manual backup when you want backups to run, and 24hrs later your backup will run at that time

    now for those who backups seems to stop running, yes even though your device may be on, it could be asleep and if it is asleep i believe wifi connectivity drops(atleast from the way the phone works anyway) , but for those who have it on a touchstone, the device still is in a sleep state, one suggestion is if you use facebook or some app that needs internet connectivity would be to set that as there exhibition mode, cause w/ facebook in exhibition mode, status updates are constantly being displayed so which leads me to believe facebook is either waking wifi(which i would think the backup service would do) or has it constantly on to retrieve data.

    something i have noticed is my wifi service seems to just stop working all together, not the connectivity issue in regards w/ the router settings and not getting internet but still connected, mine wont show the icon, i cant turn it back on, toggling airplane mode, luna restart...nothing....need to do a full device reboot, then it resumes state(on)

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