I've been playing around with trying to get my NAS share connected to my TP.. I'm new at using webos and linux, but I thought I'd share an issue I found.

So I connected the TP to my NAS following these instructions..

I then decided (because I broke something else) to doctor the TP..
Using the doctor it got to about 8% through and then came up with the message "failed to reboot device"

After a lot of panicking I found out the cause of this was the was reformating of the /dev/mapper/store-media.
When you doctor the TP it loads a new fstab, which tries to mount /internal/media as VFAT rather than the EX3 format..

I found this wiki which then helped me to identify and correct the issue

So to resolve this I did the following
1. Run the webos doctor until it failed at 8%.
2. Without disconnecting the TouchPad, Connect to the command prompt using WOSQI
3. Reformat /dev/mapper/store-media using this command
msdosfs -f 1 -s 64 /dev/mapper/store-media
4. rerun the doctor process

This then recovered correctly, much to my relief.

Just posting this here in case anybody else hits a similar problem running the doctor after reformatting to EX3.
Please feel free to offer any other advise/corrections.