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    I have the HP Touchpad 32 GB, bought October 2nd from Amazon.
    The top of the label says: HP TOUCHPAD, US, 1.2 GHZ,32G,WIFI,SMRTBUY
    Serial Number is 5CL1261xxx, PN FB356UT.

    What necessarily does "Smartbuy" mean?
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    Means it was a firesale model, one you got for $150, therefor a smart buy. :P

    Seriously, this is what I've been led to believe, so yeah.
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    I think HP has an internal purchasing system named Smartbuy. Maybe they pulled it from their internal use inventory.
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    there were 2 different sku, one for personal and one for business for tracking.... the are exactly the same units they wanted to track who was getting the touchpads etc
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