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    Cisco memo slams HP strategy of possible pc spinoff and for cancelling smartphone/tablet hardware.

    The Cisco Connection: Cisco memo slams HP strategy
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    that is spot on in assessing HP's situation, and why they have little chance of recovering.
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    Nothing quite like "Management by Coin-Flip"!!
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    Cisco smells the blood in the water.
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    Well they haven't said anything that the rest of us haven't wondered aloud since this whole debacle. The board of directors need to understand that HP's troubles have more to do with their sorry plan to exit PC, tablet, and smartphones hardware production than with Apotheker as CEO. If Whitman continues with the plan put forth by Apotheker, HP's stock will continue to bleed. They should have done an about face when they got rid of Leo.
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    The PC business is the necessary foundation to tie it's other products together and represent a full service source to customers. HP's software isn't big enough to compete with the big dogs like Cisco, IBM, or SAP. Yes, a two percent profit margin is not going to draw investors but, consider the economy and what is built on top of the two percent product base. Customer loyalty, brand recognition, and the ability to offer integrated products and services. Do what ever you can to increase the profit margin on PCs while still delivering a quality product. Grow the software and services profit centers until they are dominant entities in the market. Then, consider splitting off something.

    You don't shoot yourself in both feet by saying we are spinning off PCs (foundation of business) and then say we are going to grow software and services to provide a greater return for investors.
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