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    sometimes, when i am typing on the keyboard, the touchpad seems to freeze and won't register the letters i am typing. this happens especially with the backspace button when trying to delete things in the web browser. does anyone else have any problems like this?
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    I have this problem.. Seems to be in the browser bar wheb typing urls ( for me )
    Sometimes it just doesn' t register keypresses. Seems better in portrait than landscape mode

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    The keyboard goes into a sleep mode, takes about 4 seconds to wake up after a keypress.
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    same issue. Seems I have to force myself to type slllooow or it won't register all the key presses
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    Keyboard sleep mode??? Well.. It can happen for longer than 4 seconds!!

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    Same issue here. In landscape mode, the letter 'H" won't register until I keep tapping it or get it at the absolute corner of the letter, and in landscape mode, the 'backspace' button does the same thing. I don't know if it has to do with any of the patches, but the person who said the sleep mode issue was incorrect (no offense). I see the screen dim after a few seconds (never counted how many seconds) and when I tap a letter when the screen is dim, the letter shows up regardless of the dimming of the screen which I think is really cool so you don't have to tap twice.

    I wish the keyboard would not have this problem and also would bring up the letter in a huge display just like some android phones and the IPhone and while we're at it, the virtual keyboard on the Pre. When you tap a letter, the letter shows above your finger to let you know that you tapped it. Anyone else wish we had this feature?
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