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    Hi, I have set up this 3 accounts, and I have a problem: I would like to be able to log in only with aim/gtalk and not always with skype: I couldn't find any option to log off from skype and let only the other two online: anyone had the same problem? Thanks for any answer it might come!
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    Not sure, have not figured that yet. I just leave all on
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    No, there's no way to control the status of individual services - it's a known design defect that will probably never be fixed now. Very annoying that you can't use messaging while preventing people from calling you on Skype.

    In the Messaging app you can set your status to Available, Busy, or Not Available. It affects all the services at once. In the text box next to it you can type a custom status which will be sent to all services (it shows up with Skype, not sure about others).

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