Strangest thing! Woke up this morning, after leaving the USB charging cable plugged in overnight and TP turned on-- as always -- only to find all stored accounts (email, Facebook, etc.) gone.

Tried firing off Facebook, and it just "spun", saying retrieving account... Nothing. So I swiped the upper left pull down and tapped "Preferences and Accounts"... Nada.

Closed out Facebook and opened email... All the main folders (5 in total) were there, but no sub-folders (Inbox, Sent, Trash, etc.) or emails???

At this point, I was about ready to throttle my wife -- since she was the last one using the TP last night -- thinking she had deleted everything, accidentally or otherwise. Luckily, she had left for work already, which gave me time to think...

Hmmmmm... Let me try to reboot. And miracle of miracles, after rebooting, everything is back to normal.

I've had my TP since early August, rarely shut it down (other than a quick reboot), haven't modified it in any way (although tempted at times) and absolutely love it, flaws and all.

...but it does do some strange things every now and then.