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    Has anyone any experience of the UK “return for fix” process?

    I had an online chat with the HP/Palm support line to explain that part of the screen has stopped responding to touch and that, yes I have followed the WebDoctor reset process and that hasn’t fixed it.

    Took them an hour online to decide it had to go back (most of this was spent asking a succession of increasingly daft questions) and they gave me a returns number, took my address and said that they would be sending me a “box” in the post. When it arrives I have to pack up the TP and send it back. It will then be fixed and returned to me.

    That was Friday morning. It’s now Wednesday and still no sign of the “box”

    The reason I ask is that when I had a HP laptop fixed under warranty they sent a courier next day who physically picked it up, then it was in the shop for one day and the same courier returned it directly the day after. I was kind of expecting the same process.

    I’m nervous because in all honesty the webchat operator seemed..well..a bit thick!
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    My sisters touchpad had a fault with the screen straight out of the box so she phoned up hp who were very good indeed.

    They arranged to send a courier out to her a couple of days later and she just had to give the touchpad (no packaging or leads) over to him, which he then placed into a secure box. It was then returned to her a week later by courier repaired and working well.

    There were no charges for the courier or repair. It all went very smoothly indeed, I hope yours does too.
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    Hmm - that sounds exactly like the returns process with my laptop

    So not sure what all this stuff is about with them sending me a "box"...
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    It may be worth getting in touch with them again as I wouldn't fancy sending my touchpad through the post either... Even if it was already broken...

    My sisters touchpad was purchased in the fire sale, so the service they provided her was only carried out about 4/5 weeks ago. I see no reason why they shouldn't do the same for you... ?

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