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    I bought Touchpad 32GB from USA. not used at that time much as i am travelling back to india. After reaching home (india) found flickering issue on touchpad. Touchpad works perfectly fine for sometime and suddently starts flicker. and it automatically gone after sometime on standby mode.

    Any help highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Did you disable the auto dim?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robotech1985 View Post
    Did you disable the auto dim?

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    I have the same flickering issue on my 32GB Touchpad where it flickers when you unlock it. Where is the auto dim option?
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    Open your Launcher, go to Settings, go to Screen & Display. There's a on/off button for auto-dim.
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    In the first few seconds after waking up from sleep mode the TouchPad uses the ambient light sensor to adjust the screen brightness down in a few steps. As posters above said, that's probably the "flicker" you're seeing. Disabling auto-dim in the Settings prevents that (the description given for this option is incomplete - it also sets whether the screen brightness is controlled by the ambient light sensor).
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    Thanks all for your reply.
    I set Auto Dim = Off. Let see how it goes. Will post my comment later on this(after using 5-6 hrs )

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