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    My TP is only opening like 10% of the PDF attachments I get via email... Actually I must say my Pre- used to open like 90% of them, my Pre2 went down to 20%, and the TP does 10%

    This is the error I get when trying to open a 20Mb PDF file (It wonīt even download it):

    Error Code #10000:
    InsertCacheObject: Could not find ī85561844ī bytes for objects insert.

    It seems to me like he canīt find space to download the file, but I have 10GB of free space, so I guess thatīs not it

    Any ideas of why this might be happening?

    Thank you very much
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    I just encountered the same problem. Same error message when trying to download a ~20MB e-mail attachment.

    Is there a fix or a workaround or a patch for this? Or can larger attachments just not be downloaded? Ugh!

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    I experienced this issue as well. Anyone out there get it figured out?
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    a little more back story would help. Are you using the web browser or the actual built in mail client? what email provider are you using? The only time I had issues downloading files was when I was using the web browser and trying to download from secure sites with https instead of http.

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