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    I was really impressed when I first got this device.. but now.. I see a lot of flaws. To start out, my screen is slanted downwards towards the top right of the HP TouchPad (holding it portrait, towards the power button and volume rocker). Then when I watch movies at night I noticed lighting problems just like the iPad 2's light problem. As if that wasn't enough, the most annoying part of my HP TouchPad is the volume rocker. The button to increase the volume is "broken", it doesn't have any feedback when I press it AND I need to hold it down hard in order to get it to increase volume. In addition, it rattles whenever I move the HP TouchPad. Otherwise, this is a nice piece of gadget and I'm not complaining for the price I paid. However I just thought maybe it's a bit ridiculous that there's so many flaws in one gadget.

    Here's a photo of it taken from my iPhone 3G at night.

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    I had 4 touchpads--1x16Gb and 3x32Gb. All of them exhibit the backlight issue (in varying degrees) depicted in the first post. I believe it's a common issue due to a flaw in IPS tech, compounded by poor manufacturing standards.

    Additionally, 2 of the touchpads I examined suffered uneven glass displays--not flush with the bezel / rubber spacing. Other than the two issues described I found no other hardware faults with the touchpad.

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