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    Are there any software tweaks or patches to increase the speed of copying files to my TouchPad? When I'm coping video's the transfer starts out at around 9MB/s, then slows to under 4MB/s for the majority of the transfer. In effect it seems to take 4-5 minutes to transfer a 700MB 30 minute (23min runtime) show, or close to 10 minutes for an hour (43 min runtime) show.

    I know USB 2 isn't exactly known for being fast, but external HD's usually maintain 30-40MB/s, and even cheap thumb drives are pushing was more than 4MB/s. Something has to be up here.
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    TP has an usual slow flash drive, write~5MB/s, read~20MB/s, maybe a bit faster.
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    You're telling me that the 2.0-2.2MB/s I'm seeing transferring a video over right now is normal?
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    2.0-2.2MB/s for big files is abnormal, for a pile of small files this is normal,
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    How fast is wifi media sync?
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    I haven't used it. It it in the regular app store, or on Preware?

    And that speed was for a single ~700MB video file, with over 50% free space on my 32GB pad. (though that transfer was abnormally slow, most are around 3.5MB/s.

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