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    Not that I every really left, but been without a webOS device for almost a year when the last of my Pre-'s died and I went to the Evo.

    Now I am the proud owner of my TouchPad from HB Small business. Have it overclocked and all patched and downloaded everything I could think I might ever want.

    Having played at lengh with most tablets (not the Fire yet) I can safely say that the tricked-out TP is, overall, second only to the I-Pad. The Android ones, while getting better and with some better features or builds, still do not stack up to the webOS experiance.

    The sad thing is that, NOW, this is what the people at BestBuy are all saying as well, as most of them scored a TP for themselves. They can't get over the ease of use, the multitasking and the touchstone, the love the touchstone and exibition mode.

    As a side note, there are now HP reps at our BB all the time now, the one manager i know said they started comming out in force right after the announcement. Before that, they could never get HP people there to show stuff off, now they are there all the time.

    If only....

    This may be our last hurrah together, but having been here for a long long time, its good to know I can be here at the end just like i started, with a great underappriciated device.

    Ah well, good to be back.
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    Lets just say you never left. True about BB. Actually it's like that most retailers. Amazing how everyone knows about webos. Even at staples. Now if I can get my hands on a cdma hp pre3. I still got my pre- but it's bout done. Heres hoping for an amazon buy.
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    Welcome back!
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.
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    Welcome back Midmofan

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