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    hello all. I'm having some issues that hopefully someone can help me out with..

    please bear with me.. i'm a wordy guy, as i like to give complete background details. if details don't interest you, feel free to jump to the next post for the actual question. but, hopefully my details will answer any of the normal first step questions that arise.. you know... the whole "did you do this step" type questions...

    when i got my touchpad (16g) the first thing i did was setup all my accounts and what not. the photo app synced up all my photobucket and facebook galleries (many many many of them) life was good.

    after a few days, i learned about precentral, and came here.

    i immediately installed quickinstall and preware, and the gamut of recommended patches, and overclocked to 1.5 ghz

    life is better.

    while on vacation a few weeks ago, i realized that my photo galleries were not updating. i had uploaded new stuff to facebook and to photobucket, neither were showing up on the touchpad.

    then i copied some galleries from a friends computer to my touchpad while still on vacation, and realized those were not showing up either.

    so, i put the problem on pause, and enjoyed my vacation.

    after returning home, i came here for answers, and found that the issue was related to the muffle system logging patach.

    i read probabaly every thread related to the issue before i finally got it fixed.

    in the end, i had to remove the patch, restart a few times, then delete the index file and restart a few times, then rename with a (.) and mask from webos, some local directories, and restart a few times, and finally, viola. it reindexed all my galleries and everything was current.

    i did NOT reinstall the muffle patch

    ive been good for a few weeks. and i thought all was good. until the other day when i uploaded some new pics to facebook, and they did not index. then i took some pics with the camera, and they too do not show up in the photo app. if i copy files to the tp and create a folder, the folder will appear in the app, but it says empty.

    so... i went back, and did everything again... deleted the index file, several reboots, renamed directories, masked folders, etc... and finally the indexer kicked back into gear.... or so i thought...

    at the end of that night of fiddling for an hour or so to get it to index, it finally did . in the photo app, it showed all my folders on facebook and photobucket, and it started indexing them. this would take a while. i put it on the touchstone and let it do its thing.

    in the morning.. empty. nothing. not even a local file showing up in the app.

    i took a photo .. bam, it kick started the indexer again.

    two days later, it still has not completed the indexing.. but, its not trying to either.

    half of my facebook galleries are perfect. the other half just show a name, and an empty folder. same thing with my photobucket galleries. some galleries only have about half the pics also.

    but, the app isnt trying to sync either. the little rotating circle doesnt appear when going to the app. so, near as i can tell, the tp thinks its all indexed and current..

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    so at this point, i'm pulling my hair out.. and i'm thinking i should just doctor the touchpad and get it back to normal and start over.

    if i do.. i have a few concerns....

    first.... is the muffle system logging patch truly what caused this issue? in other words, has anyone had problems with the indexer that did not install that patch?

    or, more importantly ... if i go through the process of starting over, and i dont install the patch, could i still run into this indexing issue?

    next question....

    what about apps that i have purchased? i don't normally purchase apps, but there were a few that i found to be very much worth their cost.... ie: angry birds seasons, angry birds rio, and flashcards for webos.

    if i start over from scratch, do i have to re-purchase these apps, or, does my account somehow know i am entitled to download them again for free since i have already bought them?

    i do not want to go through this hassle if i am still subject to the same indexing problem, or if my apps would be lost forever..

    if anyone can offer some help or advice, i would certainly appreciate it!! thanks..
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    i also noticed today, that my email no longer downloads attachments, and pivot no longer shows up in the app catalog.. but i have read those are both related to the media indexing problem as well.
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    I only know that the apps you installed currently (that means both paid and free) will be installed automatically once you re-register your device with your webOS account. So no manual installation needed for apps from app catalog. Apps and patches from preware and manually installed ipk patch will need to be installed again manually.

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