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    I am a brand new Touchpad owner and have an iPhone 4 Verizon. I need to use the internet every day at a place that does not have a public open Wifi available. I have heard of Jailbreaking but have no idea what to do or how to make it work. Someone directed me to but it said I need Cybia. I don't speak this language; help!! Thank you!
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    Well there are two options:

    Pay for the Tether Option with your Provider and use their authorized application (I honestly don't know if Verizon offers this)


    Jailbreak your iPhone, use Cydia to install one of a few tether applications, possibly over use your data allotment, have to pay more or have your service disconnected due to unauthorized tethering.

    I use the AT&T mobile Hotspot application and the TouchPad with no issue. You'll probably have more luck over at in their forums on help with the iPhone.
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    Thanks, but I'm not going to pay Verizon any more for tethering as I will not be a very heavy user of the service.

    Can anyone give specific instructions on Jailbreaking? Is this safe?
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