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    Seriously. Skype is worthless on this thing. Calling landlines I can't complete a phone call because of breakups and I have extremely fast internet. Same with video quality. It really is worthless. Just another reason to hope for the android port.
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    Yeah I agree; although funnily enough Skype on Pre3 to TP is acceptable (ish), but from TP to anything else, forget it; and that's just the audio!! forget the lagging video... waste of time... :-(
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    i agree :'(
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    I wonder if it has anything to do with 'beats audio' enhancements
    I think by default its turned on, but has anyone tried to see if there's any difference with it off?
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    I actually tried it last night without Beats Audio and it was exactly the same. I wish there was a way to get an update to fix this problem, but we all know how that goes. Plain and simple the camera is a POS anyway so even with a great update it still would be subpar compared to other devices. Oh well, I still love the device.
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    I used skype from TP to a friend's laptop, and the sound quality was excellent. I have not tried it to call a landline though.

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