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    I've had my TouchPad for 2.5 months, no noticeable blemishes or scratches. It's had a few tumbles... Mud/grass, hardwood floor, it"s had coffee and soup splatters. I've had it in a case since day 1, no cracks/warped screens.

    Just wondering who else is going commando? Screens, that is
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    I like the naked feel on the front, but hate finger prints on the back.
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    Isn't that the whole point of the treated glass panel, not having to deal with those damn screen protectors? My TouchPad has been in its HP case since day one so finger prints on the glossy back has not been an issue for me.
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    I have it on just incase of the worst situation.

    But I do have carbon fiber on the back which feels great, a lot easier to grip than the slippery default.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    I like the naked feel on the front, but hate finger prints on the back.
    Like the tree that falls down silently in the woods when nobody is TouchPad gas no back, because I don't look at it

    I've never really understood that argument. Are people in the habit of placing their TouchPads face down?

    (I get it....but I look at the front 100% of the time )
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2˘ about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    no...and only use a case (no screen protector) for travel.
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    Nope, Gorilla glass is good enough since its not exposed keys, change, etc a pocketed phone may be. I may get a skin for the back though.
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    I've got the StealthArmor on the back and an El-Cheapo Chinese special for a screen protector on the front. Actually the cheap 10 for $16bucks on eBay protectors I like much more then the clear vinyl that StealthArmor sent. Very slick, more rigid and easier to take off/on if needed. While the Gorilla Glass is great, I'd rather just spend a couple bucks and make sure it's protected. Not like we'll ever get to replace it.

    Here's the place I got mine from... expect about 3 weeks to show up.

    10x Film Guard Screen Protector for HP TouchPad Tablet | eBay

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    I had it without one for about two weeks, got a nice scratch on the screen and I saw it only under really bright light. Try it, you will see em.

    got a matte one and it destroyed the quality of the picture (splash brand, but besides that it was great!) so I got a set of generiks brand clear ones, DO NOT get that brand...

    in both cases tactile feedback especially when I'm typing is reduced :-( but at least it will have no scratches

    EDIT, just removed the touch sensitivity patch from preware, ironically, touch works better. I'll report back if this changes.
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    Only using a case and have not gotten any scratches.
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    It's a $150 (32GB) device that's already broken once within 30 days and wasn't fixed properly. . . what good is a screen protector? It's not like the device will last long enough for the screen to be that damaged lol

    And within a year we'll have some serious increase in tablet hardware that will make the TP look very very old--1.5GHz quad-core in October/Noverber 2011, 2.5GHz quard-core in early 2012, etc.

    Might as well enjoy the naked screen
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    Not When I have Gorilla Glass!
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    I had one mainly to cut down on the fingerprints on the screen but I didn't see much difference so took it off.
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    I ordered a screen protector from eBay for $4.

    I am going to try it and see if it makes a difference.

    The TP sits in its case though because it gives angling options.
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    Which HP branded case are people using?
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    Zagg Invisible Shield on the screen, TP sits in the HP case.
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    I try to take care of my gear, but frankly, (gadget) life is too short for screen protectors. Enjoy the screen in its fully glory while the device is still relevant.
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    I have a skinomi on it and the case is actually rubbing on the screen protector and causing a smudge.
    I will probably pull it off.
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    Stopped using screen protectors when they starting making devices with glass. Instead buy some windex.
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    is it safe to use Windex on the screen?
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