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    Quote Originally Posted by dna550 View Post
    I am looking at you, Steve!
    How awkward are YOU feeling right now?!?! :-P
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    Quote Originally Posted by mibaksh View Post
    weird, op do you use PDFs?

    honestly tho, I'm loving it, once I got proxy settings to work, PDFs to look better, got rid of the lag and oc'd it, it works nice!

    nothing beats how fluid an iPad works but flash, multitasking, accounts, etc are super on this. I honestly didn't mind all the work arounds I dig this sort of thing and no need to root it for endless file modification.
    Yes I do but I typically have to format the docs before I put them on the touchpad so I do it all through my computer. I've tried downloading a few to no avail but whatevs, I'm home enough studying that it's not the end of the world if I can't get a document right then and there.
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    I am quite warming to mine.

    (high praise from a reserved Englishman)

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    Love mine too - only problem I have had is it's a demo model. Sent it to HP, got it back in 9 days. Been working perfectly since...

    And we have 2 iPads in the house too. Other than the ap store, everyone prefers the TP and webOS.
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    I'm about 60/30 on the TP myself.

    some things that I realy love about it but there things I realy hate. For example mine cracked near the top speaker after light use(seems to be a reoccurring issue), its missing proper bluetooth support ie cant tether it to a regular phone or other device for data access while practically every other tablet can and one of the reasons i bought it in the first place, lastly the built in chat is missing a lot of protocol support/nor are there realy any good alternative chat apps atm.

    Also cant quite place my fingers on it but there seems to be some audio issues with it. My biggest issue being low volume particularly the built in media player. Beats does some weird things with the levels as well when enabled. Also I find the overall clarity is not that great. My original first gen iPod touch was a lot better in both clarity and volume. The second reason for getting a tab was to be a replacement for iPod touch as a music player around the house and so far it's not quite up to par.

    Most of the issues are software based though and can probably be fixed shortly if not I'll likely be installing Android on this puppy whenever cynagenmod releases it.

    Anyways I'm glad it was only $150. If it was much more(or full price still) I would have been quite upset and demanded a return/refund.
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