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    Hi All, I am after a way to sync files (word/excel docs) from my Windows desktop to my TouchPad not via USB, and have them stored on the Touchpad when offline.

    I thought something like or dropbox would do it, but they both only work when the touchpad is online. As soon as I get out and about away from my WiFi, I dont have access to the files anymore.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I'm a bit scarce of time right now, so I give only a short comment...

    I think I will set up a solution based on openSSH server on webOS and a combination of cron and rsync on my PC.

    With a small bash script on the PC I could also do video re-encoding before Transfer.

    If you don't have a Linux PC, then Cygwin will help...
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    Unison is a better option than rsync. Rsync is ONLY reliable for one-way sync. There are hack scripts to get a two way sync but you will inevitably encounter problems when files are deleted or moved. Unison is built on rsync, but with added functionality to achieve proper two-way syncing.
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    WiFi Media Sync available in the app catalog. Enjoy!

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    Sync with and then save the docs from there into your Touchpad for access without a WiFi connection.

    Another option is to use WiFi Media Sync to sync pc folders when you are in the network. That's what I did before integration.

    I have used both methods...but now, I just tether to my phone so I'm never without a WiFi connection and I use integration. Most current smartphones can be setup to wirelessly tether (for free) if rooted. Its extremely easy to do with webOS phones using freeTether in the Preware.

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