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    The hard drive on my PC crashed over the weekend and I'm needing to figure out how to wirelessly transfer files from my DROID to the Touchpad. Has anyone figured out a good way to accomplish this. These are large files so I'd rather do it over a wifi LAN than via the cloud.
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    WiFi File Explorer / Pro, on the Droid.
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    What do I need on the TP to receive the file. Is this something you've tested?
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    Sweet! I downloaded the App and it works great. All I needed on the Touchpad was a browser session. I also had to use Internals Pro to unmask the file so webOS would see it but that may have just been the particular file I was moving. BTW, you can use Gemini File Manager on the Touchpad to transfer files off of the TP over WiFi onto anything with a modern browser.

    As a longtime webOS user and first time DROID user, this will help me into the transition. At least this way, I can still consume the media on my webOS device. I've been very happy with the Nexus S overall but I really miss Synergy & webOS style multitasking.

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