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    I don't think it's directly because of YouTube, but maybe has to do with sending a fairly large amount of data over wireless while running a CPU intensive task? (I've also seen it while using my touchpad to remote connect to my desktop running games)

    Basically it stops recieving data and I have to turn wireless off/on again and reconnect
    to get it back working. Watching windowed YouTube videos doesn't seem to cause the disconnect however. I noticed it doesn't appear to happen as frequently since I bumped my touchpad up from 1.2 to 1.5, but it does still happen occasionally. Wireless is WPA2 and consistently shows 2 out of 3 bars.

    Any ideas?
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    This happened to me yesterday while I was on YouTube. The video froze, so I restarted the browser and couldn't reconnect to the site, then I noticed that the wifi signal had gone "dim" and I was disconnected.

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    Mine doesn't even dim or acknowledge that it's not working, besides just not working. I may try switching from WPA2 to WPA since I've read other people are having random problems
    With WPA2 as well.
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    I'm currently running at the palm default clock speed of 1.2 and youtube works just fine full screen for me, wpa psk aes 802.11N. wpa2 worked fine when I tested it but don't normally run that way, I'm back to wpa now.

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