I posted the following on the Kalemsoft forum and wanted to see if there was more info here:

Does Kalemsoft have a list of supported routers? I have tried my best to allow WLAN --> LAN streaming (remote media option) with no luck.

1. Remote streaming works from WAN --> LAN
2. Remote streaming does not work from WLAN --> LAN
3. I have turned off all firewalls - fail
4. Streamer (1.0.6) starts up without any errors.

I have a Sonicwall TZ170 and my network has been split to accommodate the same subnet.

Subnet mask:

I have verifed against a wireless device that Kalemsoft streaming is not subnet dependent. I can ping between WLAN <--> LAN so it is not a connectivity issue and I can connect from WAN --> LAN so it is not a port forwarding issue.

I am in need of help now. If there is a suggested router that Kalemsoft does their testing with, maybe that would be a start. As a point of reference, Splashtop Remote HD works with minimal setup. I can stream video using that application on the Touchpad. I do not want to start an argument about what application is better. I want Kalemsoft to work on my Touchpad. I was just using Splashtop as a reference.