Got my TouchPad over the weekend because I have a friend who works for HP that was able to order one for me. He has 2 iPads, so he wasn't interested. Lucky me, it's a great device. I can't believe they killed it. Rest assured, if Apple's interface improves, it will be at the cost of steeling WebOS ideas. While Apple got in the game early, has great hardware, and is successful, their OS is very dated. Granted, I love Apple products too, but the world needs competition. Competition breeds innovation. Hopefully WebOS will find a new home. I would like to see a new tablet and larger phone. Keep your fingers crossed.

I believe HP's website was so slow they day they opened TouchPad sales up to employees, because while they prevented you from ordering 2 tablets in one order with a $300 rebate only applied to one of them, they did not prevent you from ordering 2 separate tablets in 2 separate orders, although he tried and they cancelled the second.