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    This is my first post on here. I just got my touchpad a few days ago, I'm wondering if I should sell it. I haven't rooted it or anything. I have a few avi videos that i wanted to put on my touchpad. I put them in the "download" folder and couldn't find them. I looked on here, took them out and downloaded handbrake. My computer must suck or something because it looks like it is going to take 12 hours to convert one 2 hour video. I am currently getting 3.9 avg fps. I was wondering if the KalemSoft app would solve my problem of playing avi videos and if so then why couldn't i locate the avi videos when I first put them on my touchpad? Also is there another program other than handlebrake that is free or cheap that would convert the video much faster? Once this video does convert how do I place it on my touchpad so that I can locate it?

    Thanks in advance for anyone that replies.
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    KalemSoft work great! I use it for all my video (avi mkv)!
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    How come I couldn't find the avi videos when I placed them on my touchpad if I can view them with that paid app? Am I doing something wrong?

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