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    What sets it apart from the competition? What is the number one thing that makes it different from all the others?

    For me, it has to be the idea of Synergy, It's just makes you want to clap. Whether it's in Exhibition Mode. Or the Twitter feed. Facebook Tablet, when you can have your Touchpad sitting out, and all the information is just streamlined to you, that's a really great idea. The way it was executed is amazing.

    I explain this to groups of people all the time. I definitely get alot of oohs and aahs from the crowd with this one.
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    for me multitasking and beats audio for sure.
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    webOS = great multi-tasking
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    Synergy, the notification system on top, the speakers, multitasking (except for stock browser), and most of all, the firesale price
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    For the price, by far the hardware. Better than all these Tegra 2 tablets.. power waiting to be unleashed...
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    WEBOS! I love it ! =)
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    It's also the form factor. It just looks sophisticated.
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    It doesn't set WebOS apart from other platforms, per se, but it's Web OS's greatest strength, IMO.
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    I like the synergy too. I feel the webOS is built on the purpose of increasing productivity. Even the apps that were developed out of it serve that purpose, Glimpse, Flixi, Incredible, toodleTasks..., even though I don't know if there are similar apps in other OS.
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    Price, then multitasking via cards etc. (Then Homebrew--makes my TP fast as hell!)
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    Regarding the specific question in the title "what is it's greatest strength?":

    I'd say it depends. If you mean the $99 cutprice version it's price is it's strength.
    If you mean the full priced version it's greatest strength is the manner and which it multitasks.

    I answer the title question and not thread question about "what makes the difference over others" mostly because i think at full price it's greatest strength is not enough to make a difference, hence it's downfall.
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    The price and form factor.
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    I would say the user interface, synergy is nothing special in 2011.

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    'Homebrew'.. without this it remains weak in most fields.

    With this.. (and the excellent Audio quality), it ROCKS!

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    My favorite is the email app. Have you ever tried to manage multiple accounts on an iPAD? PITA.
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    The multi-tasking webOS. It's a beautiful thing.

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    I like the multitasking ability. I just got mine Saturday and have had fun getting to know the TP. Being able to go between two apps as quickly as it does is a neat feature.
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    The $150 price tag during the fire sale and the multitasking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xsever View Post
    The $150 price tag during the fire sale and the multitasking.
    This. It's the $149 that made me pull the trigger.
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    I've grown really fond of WebOS, great level of polish and the multitasking is awesome - I'm going to be lost without my cards when the Android port comes to fruition. As for the Touchpad itself, I'm in an office with coworkers who own the Galaxy 10.1 and iPad 2 and despite paying less than half as much as their devices cost I have twice as much storage space, a faster processor, better sound and certainly don't feel like the poor cousin.

    You see a lot of negatives on the forum and people who just hate WebOS but my own experience couldn't be more different.
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